Opens Summer 2019

QCNA Opens Summer Netball Season:     Wed. October 9 – December 11, 2019


  • This year we are trialling a shorter, ten-week season for our Opens Competition.
  • Wednesday nights – Open ages – October 9 – December 11;
  • Game times will vary each week between 6:30, 7:30 and 8:30pm according to draw;
  • Washed out games rescheduled if necessary: Wed Dec 18.


  • QCNA Summer Season fee is $80 per player;
  • An additional Netball Qld fee of $90 will apply if not previously registered in 2019.
  • Your fee is automatically calculated when you register and pay on MyNetball.


  • Manager (only) must enter Team’s Name and details on MyNetball by Sunday 8th
  • Players will have until Sunday 15th Sept to self-register and pay.
  • Managers (after emailing QCNA) will provide players with the code to use for their team.

What needs to happen now?

Step 1: Your team needs to:

  • Appoint a manager for your team;
  • Players should then email their appointed manager, so all player contact details are up to date;
  • Decide on your team name;
  • Decide what you will wear.
  • Start looking for an umpire for your team (you can add umpire details later if you are still unsure.)

Step 2: Only the team manager will email QCNA (see below) as soon as possible. We will then send back the link, code and instructions for the manager to set up your team on MyNetball. This step is free.

Manager emails the following team info to QCNA Senior Registrar:

  1. Manager’s full name and mobile number
  2. Summer netball chosen Team Name e.g. ‘Lollipops’ or ‘Raiders 7’, etc
  3. Standard of players: Choose one category from the list below (this information is used only as a starting point for our grading).
  • Strong
  • Moderate
  • Social

QCNA will reply with the link, code and instructions to set up your team on MyNetball. This step is free. Teams need to be set up by Sunday September 8. Once your team is set up your players will then be able to individually register and pay online by Sunday September 15.

OPENS – Wednesday nights: game times are 6:30, 7:30 or 8:30pm and VARY throughout the season according to the draw. Your umpire does NOT umpire your own game and is required at a DIFFERENT time to your game. (Players can also be umpires and it does not have to be the same person each week.) More details about the QCNA Summer Season are available on our website: