So you want to be an umpire?

What you need to do is:

  1. Buy a rule book and read it – usually available from any Netball Association (from their main desk e.g. Downey Park / QC desk) and costs around $13.
  2. Let any QC umpire coach (Marie, Lynn, Cathy, Emmaleigh, Rachel, Samone) know you are interested in umpiring.
  3. Complete your Level 1 umpire course – online from January 2015.
  4. Complete your online Level 1 umpire exam and achieve at least 70% – you can do the open-book exam as many times as needed.
  5. Make yourself available to umpire games (either during Summer Night Season on Wednesday evening or Winter Day Season on Saturday) and willing to receive umpire coaching.
  6. Provide a copy of your certificates from #3 and #4 above to a QC umpire coach – these are proof you have completed your pre-requisites in preparation for National umpire badge testing.

Once you have attended all 6 points above, you are on your way toward a National umpire badge! It is up to you to get busy.

Links to other Umpiring Websites:

Netball Qld:

Netball Australia:

QCNC Umpire List



Congratulations to the following umpires for receiving their badges:



Congratulations to the following umpires for being awarded their badges during the 2015-2016 QCNA Summer Season:


Tiegan Marsden – National C Badge









Jen Turner – National C Badge








Chloe LucasChloe Lucas – National C Badge








Maddie Harte

 Maddie Harte – National C Badge